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Frenchie’s has created a decadent range of low carb, keto friendly products for the discerning palate. Low carb bread mixes, brownie, granola, mousse, dressings, sugar free sauces, and syrups that are ready to tantalise your tastebuds!

French chef Paul Ouakli grew up in Paris among the aromatic smells of patisseries. He became a fine-dining chef working in Paris and London before settling in New Zealand and owning restaurants including Michael’s in Christchurch.

In 2019, he found himself with a bit of a middle-aged spread and decided to try a keto-based diet. But he missed some of his favourite foods and found alternatives were a bit, well, boring. And so he designed this keto range for everyone to enjoy. 

At Frenchies, we’re constantly looking to improve our products while making going keto easy. We love being able to support kiwis nationwide no matter where they are on their journey to healthier eating. We aim to always exceed your expectations and raise the bar of what is a quality keto product. Bon appetit!